Write Clearly and Professionally to Enhance Your Chances For Success

The following sentence is from an e-mail I received one day. Can you decipher its meaning?

If am sat would be the primary mode of communications than that info about antennas could be strikin from tests?

This is a bit unfair, because you most likely don’t know much about radio equipment and the tests given for an amateur radio license. Even so, it’s quickly apparent how poorly this message is written. (He’s asking whether the questions pertaining to amateur satellite systems should be stricken from the exams. Get it?) How about this gem:

i live in michigan, and i can’t seen to find the people that administer the exams for amuture radio licences. do you know how i can got in touch with someone in michigan about the exam? thanks a lot

These examples may seem extreme, but they are not. Open 10 e-mail messages, and at least two will be written like these. It gets worse. Add in text speak, and you get a real doozy of a message. You know what I mean:

ill cu b4 i go to skool. Ur shoes is cool! lol!

What’s happened to our society? Why can’t people write intelligently?

I first spotted sloppy English in the mid ’90s. I

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