Training and Hands on Experience at Recording Schools

San Francisco is home to the last concert the Beatles performed in Candlestick Park on August 29, 1966. The renowned band selected this city due to its rich music recording history and the loyal fanbase. Also, in 1962, Tony Bennett was awarded a Grammy for his song “I Left my Heart in San Francisco,” – this was the second time that a song with a name of a city in the title won something. In 2002, Tony sang his iconic song to an adoring crowd as he recorded his live concert for PBS.

Needless to say, San Francisco is the ideal place to study music and recording due to its rich history about the industry. Whether the student likes to focus on: analog production, surround sound, digital recording and transmission or amplification and modulation, there are several schools that would not only train the student but give them hands-on experience too.

In the music and audio recording business, it’s significant for the budding engineer to experience the mentor-apprentice relationship in order to truly understand how this business works. Indeed, there is no better way to learn this business than in a one-on-one partnership with a real industry expert. Mentoring has always been an integral part of any hands-on method of learning and with recording, it’s even more helpful.

San Francisco recording schools give students a wide variety of techniques used for various areas of this business. When you talk about sound and recording, you need to understand how to mix vocals, musical acoustics, and digital electronics. The use of various microphones and their tonal qualities is explained while the student watches the professional apply the knowledge to a working studio environment. However, for institutions that offer a degree program in sound recording technology, they may not have much of the hands-on training. They will emphasize on musical acoustics, fundamentals of electronics, digital electronics and music technology all taught in a traditional classroom set-up.

With its rich heritage of music and recording artists, is the ideal setting to learn the ins and outs of recording studio production. This exciting field of endeavor, with its mentoring capabilities offered by San Francisco recording schools, creates not only an enjoyable learning environment but allows for industry relationships to be forged with the hopes of securing employment after the student’s coursework is done.

-By: Alex D Baker

San Francisco Recording Schools from the Recording Connection offer one-on-one music recording and producing training in real recording studios.

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