The Secret to Music Marketing On the Internet

We have all heard the stories of musicians “making it on MySpace”. Well, while there are a few genuine success stories out there, I am here to tell you that music marketing on the internet is in no way as simple as simply throwing up a MySpace page, adding a bunch of friends and calling it a career.

While MySpace has a lot of benefits for musicians I would actually go as far as to say that MySpace doesn’t really matter. If you already have a great MySpace campaign going then great, keep doing what works. However, if you are about to release an album or you have recently released one only to see disappointing results, then I am going to suggest that you completely rethink your music marketing strategy.

In a nut shell, I have found these to be the components of a successful music marketing campaign.

1. The Mailing List: Focus on building your mailing list. Create a mailing list on every piece of web real estate that you have.

2. Traffic: Do whatever it takes to send as much traffic as possible to that mailing list sign up form. Use MySpace, Facebook, post in forums, flyers, stickers, emails, pay if you have to, just do what ever it takes. The more traffic, the more sign ups, the more albums sold.

3. Communicate with your fans Don’t sell to your fans, communicate with them. Let them get to know you by sending out fun and valuable emails. Do this as often as you can without being too annoying. Once they trust you it is ok to promote your album but do so with respect for their time and intelligence.

music marketing is an art form in its own right. These are just a few simple tips to developing a successful music marketing campaign. With a little bit of know how effort on your part you should start to see an increase in album sales in no time.

-By: John Oszajca

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