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How to Gain Fans For Your Music Through the Internet

MySpace, Facebook, FourFour…

I like to think of all the other social websites in one. Each has its own specific type of follower. Each has a clear demographic and fortunately, each has a different type of demographic. They may overlap but none are identical. I recommend the same look and style as far as possible so that it is easy to know that it is you, the “real” you. Take each into account separately. Consider the formality level, artistic styles, and of course the rules of use. Look at the most popular sites on that media and see what strikes you. What attracts you? What attracts you is probably what you want your fans to be attracted by. Do not be afraid to copy. What don’t you like? Don’t do that.

Be careful of claims of how to gain followers fast. Many of these can drag your reputation down quickly and reputation is something you want to keep control of. Very few of them work and of those, fewer have a long term advantage.

Concentrate on one social network at a time until you have what you consider to be the correct set up of your account and then move on to the next. In most cases you can get your twitter account to update status comment so that you will stay active.

Once you have your social websites active and working, a further web source you might occupy your time with are the web forums. This is a cyber coffee shop (with coffee made by you) where people of similar interests exchange information, ask questions and chat. At this point it is not clear whether it is better to chat little in many or a lot in a few. One thing is certain. You should be active in at least some. Again, do not just talk about yourself. Answer questions, help people out. Make your website addresses easy to see on your chat profile so that anyone who is interested can look but don’t push it into peoples face. If they like you they will look. Just get to know “your people”.

Blogging, Squidoo, HubPages

The final group of social media I am going to talk about are the blog and article sites such as Blogger, HubPages and Squidoo. Your aim is to write about what you know. Make yourself a place that others enjoy looking at. Show your personality and what you like. I suggest, depending on your available cyber time, that you chose one and concentrate your time your on that one.

The over all aim is to gain fans or what the internet marketing world calls “traffic”. You want to drive this traffic. In your case you want to drive the traffic to your own website. That is where you will have your music, your real information and your merchandising. We want to use all the free means possible to gain fans and push them to you website and keep them coming back. You will have your web address on all your social websites as a clear link. I suggest you also have a list on your website of all of your social web ids. It should be on your home page to make them clear and easy to find. The most important address to have on all your social web addresses is your own web address.

Your website is where you can control your income. This is where you will give information about your concerts, sell your music and any other merchandise and most importantly keep your fans satisfied with regular contact, access to each other and relevant updates.

You should try to have a good clear and well set out website. The topic of the personal website I will address in an upcoming article.

Much research has been done. It has been found that a recommendation on a social website is given more trust and thus has more effect than paid media advertising. And it costs nothing but time and dedication. It is the hardest to achieve but you are not looking for everyone’s approval, just “your kind of people”.

This has been a short simplified introduction into using the internet to attract fans to your art. I have aimed it at musicians but it applies just as well to any other artist, group or company looking to use the most significant marketing tool to arrive since paper. I am not suggesting that this replaces paid marketing sources. It is also not a terrible idea to use paid experts once you can afford it. The larger and more successful you are at interacting with your fans the better you will have to take care that you do it effectively.

Well good luck and I will be back with more with some new subject material soon.

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-By: James Allan Giscombe

James has a Masters in Business Administration and concentrates on the European music industry and the internet. He has a music management business and a number of artists which he looks after. Get more valuable tips on furthering your music career using the Internet by following me at http://twitter.com/jamesallan0 visiting James at http://www.jamesallan.de