Starting Your Own Podcasting Radio Show

There are many benefits to starting your own podcasting radio show. The main one being the elimination of a problem that many listeners of regular radio shows have from time to time. This would be missing a certain show or interview because it was broadcast at a time when they were either at work or busy with some other task where they could not listen. When you start broadcasting radio-like talk shows as a podcast, then listeners will never miss a show because they can download it at anytime they like. They can even listen to it more than once. This is something that modern radio stations cannot offer.

Your podcast show does not have to run 24 hours a day, 7 days a week as most radio stations do. You can easily start your podcast broadcasting off small by providing an hour or more of broadcast per day, and increasing this time as your podcasts popularity increases.

It is not hard to start your own podcasting radio show. You would do this just as you do regular podcasting. The only difference is that instead of recording your own shows you would provide others podcasts as well. For example, if you would like to provide 3 hours of podcasts per day, then you could provide your listeners with 6 different podcast shows created by six different people or companies. Each show could be focused on a related topic, but provide information about different areas of that particular topic.

One show could be a commentary, and another could be a podcasted interview with an expert. You could even do another podcast where people call in their views and opinions about your topic.

Once you have the days shows created and ready to share, all you would need to do is upload them to your server so that your listeners can easily access them. You can even provide your podcast shows in a streaming jukebox that looks like a real radio for a more professional presentation.

If you do start your own podcasting radio show, then make sure to consult an attorney for applicable laws in your area that you may need to follow. Also, never provide music to your listeners without proper permission and without paying the proper royalty fees to the copyright holder or artist. You cannot legally include songs in your podcasts without following the proper venues.

Also, if you are creating podcasts on health related topics or similar topics that may need proper disclaimers, make sure that the information is provided by an expert in the field. You would never want to broadcast a podcast that could cause a health concern due to the podcaster not being an expert in what the podcasts topic is about. To be safe, provide an outline to your attorney that presents your podcast radio shows topics, timelines and plans so that you can obtain proper legal assistance. This will not only protect you, but your listeners as well so that your podcasting stays enjoyable and profitable with no unexpected pitfalls.

-By: Maria Wilkes

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