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It used to be that you had to go to a very liberal university or an art school to find a decent music production program. Now it seems that they are popping up everywhere. No surprise due to the fact that the average American spends more time and money on entertainment than they do on food and shelter combined.

Choosing a music production school: So, the question for prospective students is not where can I find good music production schools. It is who is going to provide an education that the industry will take seriously. The entertainment industry has always been fickle. That hasn’t changed.The old school saying “it’s not what you know, but who you know” has been proven in the entertainment industry more than any other. So, if you take that as a rule, the reputation of the music production school will play an enormous factor in your marketability.

A lot of music production schools offer basic audio production programs. Community colleges have even jumped on the bandwagon. Does this mean that they are all going to get you a job? Sure. There is no doubt that you can get into the field with minimal training at a music production school without any reputation or accreditation from the industry. Are they jobs worth taking? Probably not. Most people that yearn for a career in audio are not going to be satisfied with a career as a sound tech or a live mixer at the local venue that changes names and owners as often as kegs of beer. Some people are. If you dream of a career working with estabished artists, studios, or production houses you need to plan carefully.

The following music production schools have been around for a while and are recognized in the audio production community for providing a solid audio foundation using the latest gear available. Check out their sites and see what they have to offer you.

music Production Schools Recording Connection places students in real music recording studios. Each student is assigned to one recording professional in a real recording studio. The student learns recording from a music producer or recording engineer who is working in the recording business.

Full Sail Real World Education’s degrees for creative minds include Computer Animation, Digital Media, Entertainment Business, Film, Game Design

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