How Much is Radio Advertising?

A common question in the radio advertising world is how much radio advertising costs. Well, it can range anywhere from a few dollars to as much as a few thousand dollars, it’s all going to depend on some factors and I’m going to show you what you’re going to look out for.

The demographics – Who are you targeting? What kind of audience are you going after? Some stations are going to be more than others if the demand is higher for advertising.

The radio station – If you want to advertise on a radio station with no listeners, it’s going to be a lot cheaper than one with a million listeners. Generally, the more listeners a radio stations has, the more it’s going to cost for you. People want to reach out to as many as possible and it comes with a price.

The time – The time of the day you want to run the ad is probably the biggest factor. If you want to run the ad during rush hour around five or six pm, you’re looking at lot more than if you ran your ad at around two in the morning.

The ad length – The typical radio ad runs about thirty seconds. The longer your ad is going to be, the more it’s going to cost you. If you can keep it short and get your message across, it’s going to be cheaper. If you go to long, it may bore some people and they don’t even get your message.

Radio advertising can be truly effective. Make sure you know what you’re doing and always try to get a professional to do the voice over work for you. If you can accomplish that, you can be looking at one successful campaign.

-By: Tom Tessin

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