Hands On Training at Recording Schools

Long Beach, California overlooks San Pedro Bay and is located on the southern cost of Los Angeles County; it’s also considered as the fifth biggest city in the state. Long Beach was proclaimed a city in 1888 and is 50 square miles in size and is one of the business seaports in the country. With 345 days of sunshine and temperatures averaging in the mid 70’s, it is not difficult to understand why countless people love to visit and live here. Add to that such recreational sports like: jet skiing, windsurfing, water skiing, sailing, kayaking and fishing and virtually everyone can understand why it’s a paradise for those that not only want to study but enjoy their fun times here too.

Students who are searching for schools also take into account the accessibility of other cities in California. metropolitan area and many forms of transit are available here.

It is a great thing that Long Beach recording schools offer numerous alternatives for students with discriminating taste. The choices are just a heartbeat away – whether they want a degree in the Recording Arts or loads of hands-on training. What any student has to decide on is in determining which of these several Long Beach recording schools to pick.

A degree in recording, if desired, gives the student a general idea of the types of vocations related to this career choice. The usual set-up is that the first half of the program is dedicated on studying the core courses – necessary to complete the degree. Once the student is in their third year, they will now be in their coursework directly related to music and audio recording. For students to get the feel of what an actual recording studio looks like, many colleges have in-house simulated recording studios.

Then, there are Long Beach recording schools that do not require four years of study, but which directly puts students on hands-on training right at the very first day. These types of schools feel that hands-on method of training together with the mentor-apprentice relationship is the most optimum conditions for a student to truly understand the recording business. Learning side-by-side some of the best and most successful music producers and audio engineers in the business, this non-traditional approach to this field of study has proven to be very effective and very advantageous to the student.

-By: Alex D Baker

Long Beach Recording Schools from the Recording Connection offer one-on-one music recording and producing training in real recording studios.

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