Business Consultant – 8 Must Have Pieces in Your Radio, TV, and Newspaper Media Kit

One of the first tasks to getting the attention of radio, TV and newspaper professionals is to create your own online media kit. The kit makes it easier to get a complete glimpse into what you have to offer. I have found that there are 8 very specific components to creating a world class marketing information package for a business consultant.

When creating this packet of information you should keep in mind that your objective is to be helpful and informative. Another important point is to offer both a hard copy and an online copy of your media kit. And it is strongly suggested that you have your kit professionally created, remember the value of a first impression.

Post this information online in your blog or on your website, in a PDF file with complete download instructions. And offer to make yourself available for questions via email at anytime.

A Kit would include;

1. Color Picture – of yourself, have it also professionally created.

2. Author Bio – write a short and in depth biography.

3. Topic Ideas – create lists with several topic ideas that would intrigue show hosts and editors.

4. Interview Questions – create a list of suggested interview questions to include with your kit.

5. Facts Sheet – collect a list of relevant facts that support your book and your experience as a qualified authority.

6. Testimonials – gather a list of testimonials and comments that endorse your book and experience.

7. Previous Media Experience – list all of the mass media experience and exposure that you have.

8. Resource Contacts – list all of your resources and their contact numbers, this can help you gain credibility.

-By: Paul Godines

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