Become a Guru in Professional Podcasting

Sorry to all you basement podcasters out there, this is not to be taken as an insult. But, there is a difference between amateur and professional podcasters. Generally, professional podcasters make their livelihood podcasting. They don’t scrimp on valuable information in their casts. Professional podcasters are the mentors in podcasting. Many may argue that not all radio jockeys and talk show hosts that attempt podcasting are really that great at it. So, the jury is out in that camp on podcasting. A guru podcaster is someone who knows how to marry excellent broadcasting skills with equally wonderful podcasting ability.

But, if you feel you lack the essentials to be a podcasting guru, there are companies ready to catapult you to podcasting fame. Some companies will streamline software and hardware necessary to record, proof, and publish professional audio podcasts. Kingdom offers a product named the Podcast Factory. Its state of the art interface garners microphone and tool inputs while delivering headphone and stereo outputs through a solitary USB cable. The microphone includes a stand for recording powerful and expert podcasts.

Business owners and service providers use professional podcasts to promote their wares and services. Podcasts open up a whole new world of advertising engaging the most media bored clientele. Alot of people will channel surf through television and radio advertisement. But, since podcasts have less advertising, there is less chance people will skip past your commercial. Your potential clientele will broaden to those who tune into podcasts at their leisure rather than you depending upon viewership during specified time slots. Podcasts are easily edited and don’t require retaping like in the golden olden days when television advertisement was all the rage. There are countless ways of presenting your podcasting advertisement to the public. Using companies with this form of expertise will allow for more mass marketing. Plus these companies take their customers seriously and are meticulous about meeting and exceeding deadlines.

Also, these companies truly want to take your expectations to heart. They are usually attentive to your requests and will try to tailor the advertising to your needs and specifications. Many of them are new business owners so they are really trying to impress and dazzle the public at large with their new services. After coming out of their great presence you may feel, “who is the podcasting guru, them or me?”

-By: James Woodley

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